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Travel Tissues

From time to time I struggle with allergies, especially when I am outdoors a lot.  I always try to remember to bring tissues, because when my allergies are bad, they are definitely needed.  There have been campouts when I have brought a whole box of tissues and others when I have just brought the small, compact packs of tissues.  I have problems with both.  The boxes take up too much room and I would never need that many tissues for a campout anyway.  The small packs have wimpy tissues that fall apart easily and sometimes there aren’t enough of them.  I came up with my solution earlier this year; I made my own travel tissue pack.  It is quite simple and works great.

All you will need for this is a gallon size plastic Ziploc bag, tape, and tissues.  Start by opening a box of tissues from the side.  Take out as many tissues as you would like from the bottom.  Be sure to keep them in a stack as well as you can.  They are factory folded so once you pull one out the next tissue automatically dispenses.DSC03973

Put the stack of tissues in the Ziploc bag horizontally and let them slide to the bottom.  Remember which side of the bag you put the top of the stack.

On the outside of the bag, over the top of the stack of tissues, cut a slit about 3 inches long.


Pull the first tissue halfway out.  Fold the top of the bag underneath the stack of tissues and tape it.  Feel free to label the bag if you like.


This has worked great for camping and for keeping tissues in the car.  You can cram them in any old spot and they always work great.  It doesn’t take up much space at all and you get to decide how many tissues you need.  Another great thing about doing it this way is once you use up the tissues in your bag, you can just refill it!


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