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Camping Gear Essentials: First Aid Kit

Whether you are playing with fire, using a knife, or hiking on a trail, these are all activities that could require a first aid kit.  I work with a local Boy Scout troop and this month we just started the first aid section.  As I researched the information for my lessons, I thought it would […]


Camping Gear Essentials: Firesteel

After posting the video about the petroleum jelly ball fire starters, I heard back from several people asking what I used to start the fire.  This was timed well because I had been planning to write about this anyway as part of my camping gear essentials series.  It is called a firesteel.  This is a […]


Camping Gear Essentials: Multi-tool

As I look through my camping gear, I find that there are some items that get used once in a while and others that get used all the time.  I will refer to those items that are used all the time as my camping gear essentials.  This series will highlight what I deem to be […]


Getting Ready to “Get Out and Go Camping”

Mary and I are currently getting ready for a four day camping trip this weekend.  As we started preparing for this trip, I began thinking about all the things we needed to get ready.  I have read that some people with kids take about two to three days to prepare for a campout.  I can […]