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Spring Has Sprung

DSC02826This year has given us an early spring!  Traditionally in Wisconsin, March is the snowiest month of the year.  This year, we had one day of snow and it didn’t last more than a day.  It snowed just a little this month already, but it melted by sunrise.   The birds have been around for a while, buds are on the trees and flowers are blooming.  Time to get ready for spring camping!

As some of  you may recall in one of my earlier posts I set some goals to keep myself active over the winter months.  Before I get into that, I must apologize for the absence of blog entries over the last several months.  I will admit that it was a surprisingly busy winter.  So how did my planned winter activities go?  Well, I’ll sum it up by saying, very poorly.   I never did get out cross country skiing.  I got out my ice skates, but just to pull the cobwebs off of them.  I didn’t do any geocaching either.  I had the plans and most of the supplies for the snowshoe project, but that didn’t get up and flying either.  So what did I do all winter?  Something that would keep us busier than all of those things combined; we bought a house.

DSC02896We had been playing around with the idea of purchasing a home for some time, but in December everything started to fall into place.  From then on, it seemed like all of our free time was spent making plans for the move, signing papers, packing boxes, signing more papers, unpacking boxes and putting everything in its place.  Now we are all set up with a new roof over our heads, a yard, and more space than we are used to.  And I think we get to call this place our own!  Soon after we moved in, I began to realize that there were many projects that I wanted to work on.  Not just for the house, but for recreational purposes as well.  And the great thing is, I now have the space and the means to actually do them.  And of course I’ll be recording them on my blog as they happen.  So here are few of the upcoming projects I’ll be working on:  Building your own fire pit; the continuation of the snowshoe project; building your own bean bag toss game (aka cornhole) ; and our week long spring camping trip.

Thank you to those of you who encouraged me to keep blogging.  I was never planning on stopping, I just had to take a small break.  As we get into the camping season, if you have topics or questions that you would like me to write about, please feel free to send me an email.  Happy camping!


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