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How to Build a Log Cabin Campfire

The log cabin style of making a campfire is, in my opinion, the easiest and most reliable way to start a fire if you are car camping.  I am surprised by how many new campers I have met that think they know how to start a fire, but they soon find out that it is […]


Camping in a Honda Element

I realize I have written quite a bit about our road trip out west, but I think this topic definitely deserves its own post.  For 8 nights, our Honda Element (who we lovingly call Elsafie or “Ellie” for short) was our shelter and our bed.  Elements are pretty versatile vehicles.  They are great for everyday […]


Camping in the Rain

“It always rains on tents. Rainstorms will travel thousands of miles, against prevailing winds for the opportunity to rain on a tent.”  -Dave Barry Weather can be so unpredictable sometimes.  There may just be a small chance of rain in the forecast and that “chance” could be right over your campground.  For those of you who […]


Reflectix Window Inserts for Camping in your Vehicle

In a recent blog post, I commented that we slept in our car thoughout an 11 day road trip.  It certainly wasn’t a five-star hotel, but we did save a lot of money by doing this.  After deciding to camp in our vehicle, the next thing we had to decide was how to cover up the […]


Travel Tissues

From time to time I struggle with allergies, especially when I am outdoors a lot.  I always try to remember to bring tissues, because when my allergies are bad, they are definitely needed.  There have been campouts when I have brought a whole box of tissues and others when I have just brought the small, […]


Fire Starter: Petroleum Jelly Ball

Out of the many fire starters that I have used, the petroleum jelly ball is my favorite.  They are small, light weight, and burn for a long time.  They are also waterproof!  I have seen several ways to make these, but in this video I highlight what works best for me.  Enjoy!


Getting Ready to “Get Out and Go Camping”

Mary and I are currently getting ready for a four day camping trip this weekend.  As we started preparing for this trip, I began thinking about all the things we needed to get ready.  I have read that some people with kids take about two to three days to prepare for a campout.  I can […]