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Camping Gear Essentials: First Aid Kit

Whether you are playing with fire, using a knife, or hiking on a trail, these are all activities that could require a first aid kit.  I work with a local Boy Scout troop and this month we just started the first aid section.  As I researched the information for my lessons, I thought it would […]


Hiking Boots – Out With the Old, In With the New

Each year it seems like I push myself more and more to get out and enjoy the outdoors.  Mary and I have definitely found ourselves doing more outdoor activities in 2009 than any other year.  The rise in our participation of such activities has justified an upgrade in gear.  For Christmas this season we decided that we […]


5 Camping Gift Ideas under $20

The holidays are fast approaching!  Here are a few last minute gift ideas for the camping/outdoors enthusiast.  Keep in mind that the prices listed here should be used as an estimate (I used to price them).  If you purchase these online, you may have to pay extra for shipping. Grandpa’s Fire Fork This a unique […]


Camping Gear Essentials: Firesteel

After posting the video about the petroleum jelly ball fire starters, I heard back from several people asking what I used to start the fire.  This was timed well because I had been planning to write about this anyway as part of my camping gear essentials series.  It is called a firesteel.  This is a […]


Camping Gear Essentials: Multi-tool

As I look through my camping gear, I find that there are some items that get used once in a while and others that get used all the time.  I will refer to those items that are used all the time as my camping gear essentials.  This series will highlight what I deem to be […]