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Camping Recipes: The Breakfast Rito

For my very first recipe, I am going to reveal our very favorite camping dish, The Breakfast Rito (pronounced – reedoh).


This creation came about after some experimentation with breakfast foods and a pie iron.  The original idea for this recipe stems from a dish we ate at Perkins Restaurant.  It was called the Country Sausage Scrambler and it combined scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes,  and sausage covered in country gravy, cheese, and tomatoes.  We loved the combination and tried to put something similar together in a pie iron sandwich.  This was only a minor success.  Good, but not great.  Later on, we attempted to create grilled stuffed burritos in our pie iron and they turned out wonderfully!  We then decided to try a flour tortilla for the breakfast sandwich instead of bread.  The tortilla provided a lightly toasted crispy pocket that encased a wonderful mix of flavors!  And so the Breakfast Rito was born.  “Rito” is short for “burrito”.


  • DSC02034pie iron
  • cooking spray (if the pie iron is not well seasoned)
  • burrito size flour tortillas (they should be nice and soft – we use La Banderita)
  • eggs (about 1.5 eggs per rito)
  • sausage links (we use Banquette Brown ‘n Serve – lite original)
  • shredded cheese (our favorite is the 4 cheese mexican blend)
  • country gravy (we use McCormick packets)


The key to making cooking easy while camping is to do all the preparation at home.  So, at home, scramble the eggs, cook the sausages, and mix the gravy.  Cut the sausage links into pieces.  Salt and pepper the eggs to taste.  Store each ingredient in a Ziploc bag.  You will find that the bags don’t take up much room in your cooler and they are very easy to use and dispose of.  So whenever you are ready to eat, get out all of your bags, spray a little cooking spray on the inside of your pie iron and you are ready to construct your rito.


Lay one tortilla open on a plate.  Scoop scrambled eggs onto the middle of the tortilla.  The amount of scrambled eggs should not be any larger than the palm of your hand minus the fingers.


Next add the sausage, gravy, and cheese.  These three combined should either match the amount of eggs that you have or be less.


Now it is time to fold it up.  Wrap one side over the middle and then the opposite side on top of that one.  Then turn the plate 90 degrees and fold the other two sides to the middle.  Turn it upside down so the folds are on the bottom.  The end result should be a square shaped pocket.


Place the pocket of goodness into the pie iron.  Tuck the sides in so the whole thing fits inside.  If it doesn’t seem to fit well, unfold and remove some of the fillings.  If the tortilla rips a little, the melted cheese does a good job of sealing it while it cooks.  CAUTION:  If the pie iron is hot while you are placing the rito in it, do it with care so as to not get burned on the hot metal.


Now it is time to cook it over the fire.  It is hard to give an exact time to cook because every fire is different, but if it is cooked in a very hot fire, the outside will burn and the inside will be luke warm , or worse yet, cold.  Find a good spot over the fire and cook on each side for about 5 minutes.  Feel free to open the pie iron and check the color of the tortilla once in a while.  You are looking for an even golden brown.  Once it reaches that color, you are all done.  Pick it up and eat it like a Hot Pocket.  Careful, the first couple of bites can be really hot!



Feel free to try your own variation on this recipe and use different ingredients.  We have tried several different combinations, however, this one continues to be our favorite.  Also, a suggestion on the pie iron.  When possible, use a cast iron pie iron that has a good seal when it is shut.  The aluminum versions of these just don’t match up, especially when trying to make this dish.  And lastly, the first rito you make will take a little bit longer as you have to heat up the iron.  After the first one, the rest will not take as long to cook.


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